Due to popular demand (hehe), yes I am still posting. Been having a break from uni, but don’t let that fool you. I’ve got an assignment that is due this break. My todo list is getting bigger and bigger…

YES! for the fact that I’ve finally finished marking assignment 1 for HCI. Hopefully I didn’t make any mistakes..ugh..

Had an awesome time at HomeCell. We had a “cooking” night, we brought food and things to cook. I bought stuff to make tacos – mind you this is the first time I’ve ever made tacos. Well maybe it’s the seconds time counting the time I made them during the Food tech subject in high school.

Anyway it turned out pretty good, chicken tacos it was. After eating we spent a couple of hours playing Singstar (Playstation 2 game). Pretty fun, I’m starting to get into this karaoke thing now. Now the problem is there’s only 30 songs in the game. Gets boring once you play it a few times.

Oh well, hopefully I’ll be able to get the other Singstar games later so we can have more songs.

If people are wondering my iPod nano is just fine. Heard about how people managed to crack their screens and stuff – pretty scary. Mine’s still good though =)


Good news and bad news

The good news is that I finally got my iPod Nano. My very first MP3 player, very happy with it so far.

The bad news is that today was the last lesson for Latin Dance. We all received a certificate, but I guess now if I don’t practise I’m going to forget it. Well it was fun while it lasted, hopefully I’ll be able to make it next week at the “graduation party”.


Our bible study group was combined (UNSW and UTS) it was awesome. We all went into our cozy little study room in the library. Had an awesome time talking about prayer, and at the end we spent some time praying for each other and the univeristies as well.

My nano came today!! but no one was home to take the package…grrrr…ok God I’ll be patient…

Heard about the new Nintendo Revolution controller? It’s soo cool, I want to get one now. Well it’s not released yet. So I’ll get it next year when it comes out.

Got a job interview tomorrow, downside is I gotta get up early, and also the fact that I won’t be home for the nano delivery (again). The good thing is that I have a good feeling about this interview. Just gotta trust God and do my best I guess, and He’ll do the rest.

I know a few people that are not feeling too well, so I’ll be praying that you all get better soon.

Take care ya’ll, God bless.

iPod Nano

Yes that’s right, the brand new iPod Nano is coming into my hands soon hehe =P The wait has been worth it, it’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for (shuffle with a screen). Not only is it what I want, but it’s beyond my expectations.

For more info check out: (I know you’ll want one)

Today was the second last dance class for this semester. Today we were taught to do the jive, I still can’t do it properly … probably because I was late for class… so I had no idea what was going on.


We played a game called “spoons” at the UniCell meeting today. For those that don’t know how to play it’s quite simple. You need a deck of playing cards and some spoons equal to the number of people playing minus one, i.e. if you have 5 people playing then you’ll need 4 spoons.

Before you start the game you need to sort out the cards so that you pick out 4 of a kind for a particular card, e.g. all four kings. You need to do this for each person that is playing. So if there are 5 people playing you need to pick out 5 of these 4 of a kind, it doesn’t matter which one you pick. So if there are 5 people you should have 20 cards.

Place the spoons in the middle of the table or the centre of the circle. The dealer then deals the cards to each player and each player should have 4 cards. The aim of the game is to get the same four cards, it can be any value. To do this each player must pick a card he/she doesn’t want and pass it to the left. Keep doing this until someone gets 4 of a kind. When that happens, the person that got the 4 of a kind picks up a spoon. Now all the other players must also try to get a spoon and the one that did not get a spoon loses. Usually there’s some form of punishment, but I’ll leave that up to you.

So yea, that was quite fun. We talked about how playing spoons is similar to how we manage our time. We need to be careful what we keep and what we throw away. So in a way we need to be careful of how we prioritise different things in our lives.


We were homeless for Wednesday night home cell. So instead we had Cafe-cell…hehe. Basically we had our meeting at a Gloria Jeans (similar to Starbucks). It was good, we ended up spending most of the time reading magazines, but it was all good.

Here’s a joke:
Q: What does a mathematician do when he gets constipated?
A: He works it out with a pencil.

I’ve got a quiz tomorrow for computer architecture. Soo…better get back to studying -_-”

A God day

A good day indeed. Had our first university cell group meeting. It was awesome, had an awesome word from Proverbs 6:6-8 (which I shared). There were 4 of us at the bible study, more should be coming next week.

Got some “significant” progress happening with my thesis project (according to my supervisor anyway) so I’m pretty happy with that. Now I need to keep this going.