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Due to popular demand (hehe), yes I am still posting. Been having a break from uni, but don’t let that fool you. I’ve got an assignment that is due this break. My todo list is getting bigger and bigger…

YES! for the fact that I’ve finally finished marking assignment 1 for HCI. Hopefully I didn’t make any mistakes..ugh..

Had an awesome time at HomeCell. We had a “cooking” night, we brought food and things to cook. I bought stuff to make tacos – mind you this is the first time I’ve ever made tacos. Well maybe it’s the seconds time counting the time I made them during the Food tech subject in high school.

Anyway it turned out pretty good, chicken tacos it was. After eating we spent a couple of hours playing Singstar (Playstation 2 game). Pretty fun, I’m starting to get into this karaoke thing now. Now the problem is there’s only 30 songs in the game. Gets boring once you play it a few times.

Oh well, hopefully I’ll be able to get the other Singstar games later so we can have more songs.

If people are wondering my iPod nano is just fine. Heard about how people managed to crack their screens and stuff – pretty scary. Mine’s still good though =)

3 Responses

  1. I want your nano….

    give it to me before I hunt you down for it..

    I still say your taco’s suck compared to mine..

  2. yes ok you win, your tacos are better. It was only my first go…

    since your tacos are soo good you should let me try some =P

  3. only if you give me your nano..

    btw.. I have 2 new posters on my blog.. show them some love!

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