Bible 2.0

Bobby from have announced a Web 2.0 based bible application called YouVersion. From what I have seen, it is a bible study tool with the element of “community” where ideas and items can be shared with others. I’ll be interested to see how it goes, this could prove a useful tool for all Christians in general. An alpha release is due in the next few weeks.


Purpose of logos

What is the purpose of logos? To create an image? Something that can be recognised? How do we create good logos? Seth explores the concept of logo creation. There are a few things I’d like to point out:

  • Some of the great logos in our day didn’t cost much to make
  • Not everything needs a logo
  • The object or brand is not defined by the logo
  • The logo is defined by the object or brand

I think there is a relation to self-image, especially the last 2 points. Our self-image is not defined by our appearance, but instead they should be defined by our actions. Just because a person is well dressed, does not necessarily mean they are well mannered (although alot of the times they could be).

So rather than focusing on what people see, we should instead focus on our character and how we interact with others, to build a good self-image. Most importantly, our true self is not what we do in front of others, but what we do in secre, when noone is watching.

Developing Leaders

Found a cool post about developing leaders vs developing followers. When Jesus commanded us to make disciples, I don’t think He meant to get as many church members as possible, instead we are called to make disciples, we are called to train them so that they may train others as well. This is how the principle of the Rabbi (teacher) and the Talmid (student) worked. The student would learn as much as they can, in the hopes that one day they will themselves become the Rabbi and have a student of their own.

Everyone is called to be leader, a leader does not mean bossing people around, sure there are priviledges in being a leader, but there are just as much responsibilities. We may not be the prime minister or a pastor of a church, but we can still be leaders in our own personal ministry and more importantly being able to lead yourself. You cannot be a good leader if you cannot first lead your own self, this means not letting your flesh dictate what you do, living according to what IS right and not what FEELS right.

I myself am going through this stage of continually building my own self leadership so that I can better lead those around me. This is a continual process, which is why my life will always be a work in progress (while on this Earth).

Hope Mission Centre

It’s been a while, but I thought I might give you all an idea of what kind of things took place to get our building ready to be used for our Sunday services. We are still in the process of adding and fixing things, we believe pretty soon, we will be outgrowing this place. There are already plans for extensions for overflow, so there’s still plenty of work to do. Praise God for His divine provision for us to even be able to use this place.





First car no more

Well it was fun while it lasted, riding in that little beast – namely my 1986 Honda Civic.  I’ve received the call that the car is not worth fixing and will be ridden off. The insurance company is going to reimburse for the value of the car, and so I guess this means I will be getting a new car! Exciting and yet a little troublesome because I have no idea how I’m going to sort this out financially, but I guess I’m just going to trust God, that He has an awesome plan for me.

One sex or is it?

I just had a thought as I was commuting on the train from work. We have words like unicycle, unicorn, united, they all have a common meaning through the prefix uni, i.e., one of something, cycle or wheel, corn or horn (no idea how they got corn), and basically this concept of one entity.

Then if ‘uni‘ means to have one of something, why is it that we have unisex and yet it means to be applicable to both sexes. Wouldn’t a more appropriate word be bisex?

I just thought that was interesting. The English language is filled with all of these quirks and special rules, which is why I can understand that it is one of the hardest to master.

I’m glad when God said ‘whoever believes in Him shall not perish‘ there’s no exceptions whatsoever. No special rules or quirks like the English language. It’s NOT whoever except for those bad people, NOT whoever except for bullies, NOT whoever except for the people that are stingy. God loves whoever and that means whoever, no exceptions, no conditions, He loves you no matter who you are.

Accidents do happen

Got the shock of my life as I was driving my nephew home from his Maths tutoring. A car rammed into me from behind. Apparently he didn’t realise that I had stopped at the corner to wait for an oncoming truck, so he just kept going thinking that he had no cars in front of him. So now my back bumper and a part of the boot has a big dent in it, I had to drive home very slowly – well below the speed limit – because the back bumper was pushed too far forward, it’s now rubbing against my back tyre.

Praise God that no one got hurt. Now I just hope I won’t have to go without a car for too long. Maybe God will give me a new car, who knows! 😉