Back from the snow

We had an absolute blast on our snow trip to Thredbo last week. God blessed the whole trip from the transportation, accommodation and even for us to get cheap lift passes and ski/board hire. It was an amazing time of great fellowship, building each other up, making new friends and living life to the fullest.

Of course there were some dramas along the way, but I guess they brought me back to reality, reminding me that nothing in this world will ever be perfect. However we are made perfect in Christ, for only through God can we be made perfect, because only He is perfect.

I had an absolute ball, going down some runs I’ve never been to before. We even went to do some jumps, rails and boxes. I stacked it heaps of times, but it was all good and fun. I can’t wait to go again next year and hopefully I’ll be able to buy my own snowboard 🙂


Old Testament figure revealed

An acient tablet has been discovered, which shows the name of an official in Nebuchadnezzar’s time. When the tablet was perceived to be made, is accurate to what has been said in the Bible.

Full story here

It just goes to show, “seek and you shall find” (Matthew 7:7). When people truly seek to find the truth, they will eventually find it.

HMC receives council grant

Hope Mission Centre was among the receivers for the Parramatta City Council Grants program.

From the article:

Close to $400,000 was awarded recently to community organisations and individuals making a difference through Parramatta City Council’s 2007 Community Grants program.

The grants program was reviewed last year and relaunched with new categories and an increased funding pool of $215,000 in 2006.“We have many wonderful individuals and organisations in Parramatta doing amazing things often without any recognition or support. I hope these grants hep them to continue to grow the social and cultural assets of our community,” Parramatta City Lord Mayor Cr David Borger said.

“Our new grants program has two categories that are quite innovative for local government – Social Enterprise and Arts Fellowship. I am really proud to belong to a Council and a community that is so forward thinking in its approach to the care of our community and our culture.”

The Council’s review of the grants program included consultation with a broad range of community organisations, individuals from external stakeholder groups including Council’s Advisory Committees, successful and unsuccessful applicants from previous years and internal stakeholders. In the past five years over $1.9 million has been given to the community in funding.

Some of the highlights from this year in each category include:

100% Voluntary Organisations

  • Hope Mission Centre’s ‘Discover Your Dream Job Pilot Program’ – which focuses on reducing youth unemployment.
  • Adults with ADHD’s ‘Improving Community Understanding of Adult ADHD’ project – which aims to increase understanding of the issue in the community and also develop a training package to ensure the project’s sustainability.

Read the full article here.

Praise God

I finally have my own car again. My good friend Joe, drove us around suburbs of Sydney visiting people’s houses to check out their cars. Late Tuesday evening, we finally came across one of the best deals you could ever get.

The car is a 1995 Toyota Corolla Seca CSX AE102X 1.8L and it’s done less than 90,000km (56,000 miles). I got the car for AU$4,000 (US$3000) which is a bargain. Praise God, I knew that He would provide the best. It’s taken almost 3 weeks, but it was well worth the wait.

Recently we studied the topic of Moving Toward Maturity at our fortnightly bible study. One of the points made was that we need to ask when and not why. Alot of the times we don’t want to wait for God to do something, when we get impatient we begin to doubt whether anything is going to happen at all. Instead we need to keep on believing and seek God for when it will happen, knowing that God will surely come through.

Last night I was able to put this into action. The train that I catch to go back home was stopped halfway to where I wanted to get to. Apparently there was an accident at the bridge up ahead and they stopped the train to make sure that the tracks were still safe. I had to get to parramatta by 7.30pm for Prayer meeting. The only options I had was either wait it out or get out of the train and catch a cab. I didn’t want to catch a cab, because I knew that God is bigger than this problem and if anything He can get me to prayer meeting on time. 15 mins went by and still no sign of moving, by this time it was 6.45pm. I just kept on believing that I will not be late. Sure enough at 7.00pm the trains were ok to go ahead. Hallelujah! I arrived at church for prayer meeting right on time.