Lost motivation…

For some reason, I’ve have lost the motivation to write in my blog now, well this may only be a phase I’m going through. Anyhow, I finally applied for a credit card, so I should be getting it soon I hope.

Benny Hinn Miracle Crusade was totally awesome! The power of God was amazing! Well when you got over 10,000 people worshipping God, that’s what you get. When we get to heaven, there’ll be millions worshipping God, how much better would that be!
So many people got healed on that weekend at the crusade, Jesus is a healing Jesus.

I’m going to Melbourne this Thursday for a conference being held by one of our clients. Then I’ve got a Brisbane trip coming up the following week. Work is already getting quite hectic, so much to do, yet so little time.


Jerseys are here!

Youthopea designed some jerseys for us to wear when we have Youth Cup Games. We waited and waited… and waited… and they have finally arrived (2 days ago). They looked great and as an added bonus we can share the gospel with our jersey.

The jersey has 4 colours: black, red, gold and white.

Black: signifies the sin of mankind
Red: represents the blood of Jesus
Gold: because of Jesus’ death we can be made righteous as pure gold
White: through righteousness we are made holy

Let it snow..

With the snow season around the corner our youth group is going to have our unofficial annual snow trip. This is going to be the first time I’ve gone with them, previously I had uni and other reasons so I couldn’t go. This year I am definitely going. I’ve already bought snow pants, snow jacket and gloves. Winter sports is pretty expensive.

It’s so cold this year, I think there’s going to be plenty of snow!

Hope Within Reach will be having their first training session tomorrow. The session is called “Online” and it is (very) basic IT training. I spent this evening setting up the computers, hopefully they’ll be ok for tomorrow.