Another year of blessings

On Monday (29th October) I turned 24. That number may not be very much for some people, but at least for me it is huge. It seemed not too long ago that I was still in high school. I guess we can’t stay being a teenager forever, as much as some would want to. There are seasons in life, which is why we need to take each season for all its worth and don’t take anything for granted. When we were young we wished we could be older sooner, longing for the freedom. Now that we are older, we look back at how wonderful it was to be young, having little (or no) responsibilities. Make the most of each season (school, uni, work, married life, etc.), that is part of living life to its fullest.

Here are some things God has blessed me with this year:

  • A good job
  • A fantastic snow trip
  • Finishing my bachelor degree (Computer Engineering) with honours
  • Encouraging and supportive friends
  • Building the church
  • Opportunity to preach at Youthopea
  • Seeing many people get saved through Hope Church
  • A new car and many more…

Hope Church Camp 2007

Come and explore the secrets of how to receive the BEST from God and to live with the assurance that the best is yet to come…

Every year Hope Church camp keeps getting better and better, this year is no exception. Only 5 weeks to go guys! Register today!  If you use Facebook, you can check out the event details on Facebook.  Trust me you don’t want to miss this one, come and be blessed.


Tim Schmoyer posted an online love language test on his youth group website and found that:

More than anything else, students want people to spend time with them.

This is interesting because it is consistent with the notion that the best way to show love is to give of your time. So I guess this begs the question, how are we spending the time with our loved ones, or are we spending time with them at all. I think for some people (including myself) this can be a challenge especially when your schedule is filled with other things.

By the way I took the test myself and my top love language is: Quality Time.

Try it out yourself.

Building community (Facebook)

Our youth group (Youthopea) has set up a group on Facebook and here are some of my observations so far:

  1. Youthopea members who have a Facebook account can join and interact with other Youthopea members who they may never have met (or spoken to much) before
  2. Given that most people use Facebook, as leaders we can track how the youth is growing.
  3. We can follow-up on members if they missed a service or if they haven’t been coming for a while.
  4. Members can be informed of current updates, such as the topic of the month and upcoming events.
  5. Members can use the invite function to invite their friends to the group and events that we create.

To Not Excel

There is a major flaw in the latest version of Excel (2007). It has to do with multiplying 2 numbers, so if I were you, I would not use Excel 2007 for any arithmetic calculations. David Pogue has the details on his blog.