Boy-Girl Relationships

This started out as a comment for Warton’s blog, and all of sudden it turned out to be a full on post. So here it is.

We talked about this subject for a month at youth. Note: I am saying all this in a Christian’s perspective.

The list we all make is almost never satisfied. Why? because we only think about the physical…so in that sense there can never be a “perfect” partner. However God does has a perfect partner for you (unless He has called you to celibacy) and that perfect partner will have Godly qualities. They may not be perfect (as nobody is perfect) but over time both you and your partner will be able to grow to be more and more like Him.

Now when you look at things that way, instead of things getting uglier as time goes on (things get saggy, wrinkles, etc.) When you look at things in God’s eyes, as time goes on that person would be getting more and more beautiful.

As for girls making the first move. Generally I think it’s better for the guy to make the first move (I’m a guy….yes it’s hard…even though I’ve never done it…I can imagine it =P). The reason why the guy should make the first move is because the guy should be taking charge of the relationship. The bible says that the man is the head of the household. Of course there would be cases when the girl is the one that initiates the conversation and that would be ok, but it’s still the guy’s job to initiate the relationship.

Finally as for marrying young. Divorce rates are increasing. This is because people rely on their feelings too much, they might get married and then a few years down the track they don’t feel like being married anymore. So personally I wouldn’t be getting into any personal relationships until I am ready, i.e. I can provide for my partner and also I am spiritually mature among other factors.


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  1. the more you see someone the more beautiful they become… its some psychology effect 😛

    anyway, a lot of christians get married at very young ages.. does this suggest that they are already spiritually mature at 22 ?

    anyway, i think guys should initiate the relationship too, but i meant initiating a conversation / introduction.. kinda thing.

  2. Err I said if spiritually mature then get married. That doesn’t mean if married then they must be spiritually mature.

    Yea like I said, girls initiating a conversation is probably ok. That would make things so much easier…I think…

  3. very nice insight..

    Guys should make the first move but a lot of times I find that I have to make a move cause the guys are to chicken to talk to me..

    Get married when you know its right.. thats all..

  4. i diss agree

  5. Hi Chantelle, what exactly do you disagree with?

  6. What is your religion anyway? I am a Roman Catholic.

    About the entry….

    I think that would be unfair for the girls. Their choices would just be limityed to those who take the courage to ask them… what if they like someone else from another circle… or what if nobody came and woed them?

  7. I am a Bible believing Christian, we don’t really call ourselves any particular denomination.

    I think the girls don’t necessarily have to wait for the guy to make the move, because they can do their part by striking a conversation and maybe suggesting (through appropriate actions) to the guy that they are interested in them.

  8. I tried to read the bible… but somebody told me to start with the new testament… so I tried… that’s when I started having a hard time since I have read half of the first testament already… so now I stopped reading the bible.

    How about your nationality?

  9. I know the bible is not very easy to read, which is why we have bible studies to help us learn more about the bible, because there is so much you can learn from the bible and it is all relevant to our lives today.

    I’m from Sydney, Australia.

  10. Ive been attending bible studies since I was 3 up until 14… (I got busy in sophomore High.)

    You look like an asian.

  11. I try not to be too busy for God.

    Yes I am asian, however my nationality is Australianm. I’m originally from Indonesia.

  12. mhhmm… so what is your stand about the holy Trinity.

  13. I believe that the Trinity does exist. In the sense that there is one God and yet three Persons.

  14. Nice.. I do believe in it too… have you read the part in Matthew where the angel told Mary that her son will be called Immanuel which means… GOD IS WITH US… that means….

  15. I say SOCIALIZE but don’t SPECIALIZE unless you are ready for marriage! It is clear that sex outside marriage is sin. The Bible in 1Tim 5 instructs young men to treat young ladies as their sisters, and vice versa–with ABSOLUTE PURITY.


  16. i was actually blessed with the article..

    I pray that more minds will be open through this..

  17. Am a christian guy.I think that relationships shud be handled with a lot of cautiom coz they can either make or ruin ones life.was in one for 3 yrs bt broke up coz of doubts whether she realy was the one.i don’t know how to come to the one meant 4 me.i don’t wonna me.

    • Hi Joseph, thanks for your comment. I don’t know your exact situation so I can’t really give you much advice, except to seek godly advice. Are your parents Christian? If so then maybe you can speak ask them as they may understand your situation better. Do you go to a church? Do you have pastors or leaders in the church you can talk to?

      I have always sought godly advice as I started a relationship (which I am in right now). Honestly doubts always come, but usually they should not be of concern, because it could just be a feeling you had at that particular time because of circumstances. Love is not based on feelings…

      Like I said, I don’t know what reasons you had for doubting, but I would definitely consider seeking godly advice and thinking about whether the reasons you have for breaking up really make sense. Honestly I don’t think you will ever be with a person and never have doubts about it.

      I hope that helps. God bless.

    • Focus, listen to your heart. Your heart gives you a sense of what and who and what you should allow into your life style. Pray about your situation and ask God to help you to over come doubting others. You are hurting and ruining who you really are. And you are also hurting others. You don’t. Know what you want . Let God give you the answer. Just meditate, pray, and read your Bible. You then will understand your situation in order to change your way of thinking.

  18. Believe it, anymore can change the way they think and the way they do things in life. We all have to over come our fear. Have faith

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