Why did the bird cross the road?

Today is yet another busy – but nevertheless good – day in the life of Victor. In the morning while driving to work, I saw something that was so cool. I saw a bird, it flew down from the trees onto the side road. It started to walk to get to the other side of the road, then as I drove closer it sensed or saw or heard the car coming and it just stopped, maybe a metre from where the cars were driving. Now usually birds would fly because they’d get frightened that they might get hit. This one just stood there. I was amazed at the bravery of this little bird, it stood there as if it were a person waiting for the car to pass. Once I had passed, it scampered across the road to the other side. I thought that was cool, then again I thought, why didn’t the bird just fly across? it would have been safer.

So the question still stands. Why did the bird cross the road? Maybe the bird was too lazy to fly, who knows.


Run forest! Run!

Well today I finally started doing my morning jog again, put my new shoes to use. I didn’t feel too tired after it, even though I haven’t done it for at least 3-4 months. Right now, I’m just doing 1 lap around the block, but later on hopefully I’ll be able to do more.

At work I was by myself most of the day, because the other people (my bosses) had to go see some clients. So I had the whole office to myself. The only thing was, I had no idea what to do, because we had done alot of the work already before, so there wasn’t that much work to do. Except of course more programming work, but I needed more info on what I had to do. So in the end I just tried doing bits and pieces here and there. Tried to not waste time, oh and I made use of the time to arrange things – like going to my friend’s youth – but in the end it didn’t work out anyway. Oh well, maybe next time.

I got a surprise from my bosses when they got back, which was nice. They bought me Simon Johnson hand made chocolate truffles. Actually I haven’t even tried it yet, just took it out of my bag now. I’m sure they’re very nice though.

Ok one of my fans is getting abit impatient so I’ll write more later. =)

New shoes

I finally bought my new shoes today! I think the last time I bought a shoe was at least 1.5 years ago. I didn’t think that was that bad until a friend of mine told me how she buys on average one every few months. I don’t know what’s with girls and shoes and handbags… it’s a mystery…I guess I know there are shoes for different occasions but only one pair for each is enough, I guess the problem there is that they have to match with outfits whereas with guys we pretty much have similar outfits everytime…hmmm starting to make sense.. hehe

Now that I got proper sport shoes, I think I’m going to start doing my morning runs (NOT the toilet one) again. I still need to get new dress shoes though, probably buy them sometime this coming week. The ones I have now are the same ones I’ve had since my year 12 formal, and it’s not looking that great. I don’t want to spend money, but I guess when you have to, you got no choice…

Time is of the essence

I’ve been really slack in regards to blogging, and maybe other things too. I guess it was timely that this week HomeCell was about challenges in doing both school/work and ministry. I need to make the most of my time and the best way to do ministry is to involve God in every aspect of our lives (which includes outside of church/youth).

Work has been quite interesting lately, because I’ve been doing alot of more practical work (rather than documentation) and also interacted with clients. Praise God also that I don’t really have to buy a car, since we found a really cheap car for $500 and so we’ll be using that for at least a year. Next year I believe God will provide me the finances to buy a new car.

“Whatever you’ve received from the Lord, you are able to give to others” – Matthew 10:8

God bless

THE Will

Work seems to be getting abit less directed now, because we have so much to do and I don’t know where to begin. I feel bad when I keep bothering my boss asking him what i should do. I guess I just have to try to find things to do and do them. Then again I don’t want to be doing the wrong things.

The first official home cell of the year was today. It was a combined home cell, we will be having combined home cell for the month of February. I found out I am no longer in my old cell group but I’ve been moved to another one. I trust there must be a good reason for doing so, not really sure what that is. I guess now I don’t have to travel as far, which is good!

I’ll share abit about what we learnt at home cell.

I’ve never received a will before but I bet it would be pretty exciting being able to inherit wealth or property. However God’s will is even better! Since God owns everything when we as children of God inherit his kingdom how much would we have? well…to say the least…HEAPS! How cool is that? God’s will is always to bless us because when we are His children, just like how a good earthly father would, but even more. An earthly father is still human and is prone to mistakes. God is a perfect God and has a perfect plan for His children.

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans not to harm you but to prosper you and to give you a hope and a future” – Jeremiah 29:11

God bless