We (some friends from church and I) endeavoured to the south with the objective to catch 5kg of prawns. Unfortunately because of a few delays we did not leave as planned, but we were eventually on the road. Leaving at about 12am we arrived at Primbee at almost 2am in the morning. Straight away we headed to the waters and our hunt for prawns began. We were going in quite a good pace until we ran out of time. In the end we didn’t manage to get as much as we would have liked, in fact we didn’t catch that many at all – roughly 0.5 kg (about 1 lbs). It was fun nonetheless, the girls did well spotting prawns and the guys were great at scooping them up with the nets.

Afterwards we headed to the beach to relax and most of us managed to get some sleep. We also cooked our catch (prawns and some fish) on the barbeque and had them for lunch. Great outing, even though there were countless mosquitoes (I personally have over 20 bites on me).

Lately the days have been going comparatively slower, I think due to staying home all day. I guess it’s good to be able to relax and take things abit easier. Can’t wait for NYE though. It’s going to be a blast, we’re having our Sunday service at 12.05am. It’s going to be a first (for us anyway), very exciting indeed.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Don’t forget the real meaning of Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season. Today was the debut performance of the Hope Church Choir and Drama team together. It turned out ok, I think we could have done better though, but in the end I think the most important thing was that the people enjoyed it (I hope).

This week has been filled with lots of eating, fun and laughter. On Thursday, my work had our Christmas lunch at Kobe Jones, which is a Japanese restaurant in Darling Harbour (City). The food was quite nice, however it was quite expensive.

Friday was the first day of Christmas holiday, so I spent the day cleaning the house and did some Christmas shopping. At night did some more eating since one of my uni friends had a birthday.

Saturday had a Christmas Eve special service at the Pastor’s house, and yet some more eating and lots of fun too. Played a game called Balderdash. If you haven’t played it, try it! (It’s a boardgame)

Today was awesome! Christmas service really hit it off at Hope Church. Great to see alot of people turning up for it. Afterwards went to the beach, but I didn’t swim. Just stayed on the sand playing othello with my friend and just talked for most of the time. Finally did some more eating at the place of a guy from church, he had a barbecue going, the food was totally superb.


I’m baaaack… CAMP was absolutely incredible! Man I was so blessed just to be there. We learn’t heaps about Revelation and the second coming of Christ. Hearing about all those terrible things (even terrible is an understatement) that’s going to happen to the people who are not Christians. I hope I can get all my family and friends saved so that they won’t have to go through the pain and agony. It will be so bad that people will want to die but they can’t even kill themselves….. if you’re reading this right now, I hope you will seriously think about where you stand right now. I pray that you will make the right decision, because I don’t want to see anyone go through the eternal agony that will happen on this earth… and later in hell…

For those that have chosen to have Christ in their life, you can be assured that you will not go through the tribulation, but you must be faithful to the end… or it will mean nothing…

We had awards for a number of things and my team (ALPHA.. go ALPHA!) shared the best SWG (Serving With Gladness) team award. Which means the best team in serving others through doing stuff like encouraging, doing favours like getting food for them, drinks, etc.

Camp was so much fun! I can’t wait for the next one =)

On another note, I went back to work today. Spent most of the day trying to figure out a problem one of the clients had with their printing. So I received quite a few phone calls and made quite a few as well. It’s all good, at least it wasn’t boring.

Church CAMP!

Leaving for camp in less than 12 hours! Woohoo! I’ll be away for a few days…don’t miss me too much haha… doesn’t seem like many people will anyway… ciao!

On the third day of work…

…my true love came to me….NOT! hehe

I missed writing about the second day >In the end I managed to pay it with my $9 of coins and the rest of it using my bankcard. Just today I received my pay (from my old job) so everything is ok now.

Earlier in the day I was given the “special” task of researching good notebooks (laptops) I would like for myself. It sounded awesome, but man it’s hard work.

Today I started learning about Satellite Forms – the development tool to create the programs on Palm devices. It was pretty cool, I made a few small programs to try it out. So I’ll be doing more of that later on.

2 more sleeps till camp… I can’t wait.

First day

Had my first day of work at the new job. Nothing exiting really, spent half the day trying to install programs into my laptop (that they gave me). Since it was so slow, they might be giving me a better one. Then only did some actual work towards the last few hours where I started doing some evaluations on the scanXpress application.

Today I learnt what cous cous are. I’ve never eaten them before, but today I had it for lunch, it was pretty nice. If you don’t know what they are, they are kinda like a rice replacement. Looks like small yellow grains, and it’s actually made of wheat I think.

Trivia night a success

Trivia night was a big success overall and also for our team, being the winners and all hehe. Our home-made buzzers worked well, which was encouraging to see. The questions were very well thought out and nice to see some variety in the questions as well. I think the whole Trivia organising committee did an awesome job!

Hope Church Camp is coming up this Friday, it’s stilll not too late to register. Get the registration form from I can’ t wait for camp, it is going to be AWESOME! We’ve got people from overseas registered in the camp. So register NOW and don’t miss out…