A tree analogy

I got this analogy from a Tyler Perry play (very funny guy). Think of yourselves like a tree and in life you’ll come across 3 types of people:

  1. The leaves – these are the people who come into your life and they make you look good, they keep you company, they give you self worth, but they only last for a season. Once the cold, harsh winter hits, they die away.
  2. The branches – they are strong and ready by your side, however as soon as they break, they leave you high and dry.
  3. The roots – these are the people that build you up, they are always there, they won’t move no matter what happens.

I guess it’s important that we understand that in life it is inevitable to come across these types of people, you might be Mr or Ms Popular, with over 1000 friends on your MySpace or Facebook, but most are likely to be “the leaves” in your life. However I believe it is important that we make sure to embrace those who are “the root/s” in our life, for they will be who you can depend on, they are the ones who made who you are today.

A tree can have many leaves and branches, but it won’t last a day without its roots. The most important root in my life is Jesus, because He would never leave me nor forsake me. Jesus has made me the person I am today and He continues to mould me and shape me to become a better person day by day.


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  1. thats good.. i got an assignment nd dis page helped me a lot.. thanx..

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