Exceeding Expectations

It’s a good feeling when we can meet expectations, but it’s so much better when you can exceed them. I went to a buffet dinner about a week ago and one particualr dish had run out and so I inquired, hoping that more was coming. Being a buffet restaurant I expected them to have more coming, because there was still quite a few people around. So they assured me that more was coming soon. What I did not expect was that the girl I had asked would deliver the dish to my table, because normally in these buffet restaurants, you would go up to the food bar and help yourself. It totally exceeded my expectation and my image of the norm at a buffet restaurant.

People build up stereotypes of many things, girls like pink, boys like blue, girls like flowers, boys like cars, supermodels are ignorant, geeks are physically less attractive, nightclubs are full of drug addicts and drunks. Christians are usually stereotyped as self-righteous and legalistic.

Sure some of these may be true, but as a Christian I am not proud to be seen as someone that is self-righteous and legalistic. I have heard of many testimonies where Christians have exceeded expectations – including from my own church. Where members were friendly especially to the newcomers, ushers went the extra mile to help someone in need and many others. Let us always strive to do our best for God and exceed human expectations, after all our God (who is in us) is not human.


Give Up To Go Up

Craig from Lifechurch.tv ended his series on “Give Up To Go Up” with this post which gets to the point, that nothing we own or achieve in this life is as important as our relationship with Jesus. Whether it’s money, possessions, people, in the end what matters is having a good relationship with God. Sometimes to deepen our relationship it requires giving things up, giving up time, money, pride.

We can be rest assured that as we give things up for God, it will not be in vain. What we receive through Christ will far exceed what we have now.

Digg-ing my layout

Well after 6 months since I started using WordPress as my bloggin platform, I’ve decided to go for a new look. This theme is called “Digg 3 Column” and I think it looks swell. If you’re reading this, I hope you’re Digg-ing it too! 😛

As a side note, I’ve also recently passed 1,000 views. I’m not really concerned about my blog stats, but it’s nice to know people are reading and hopefully getting something out of what I post.

Graduation Day

Well… it’s been about a year overdue, but it has finally come. Yes I am now officially a graduate of UNSW (Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering). I wasn’t looking forward to my graduation as much as I was looking forward to seeing my uni friends again. It was great to catch up and take pictures, walk around the uni reminiscing old times. I guess I can certainly say that the journey is just as if not more important than the destination.

Had I not gone through the 4 years of hard labour alongside my friends, I don’t think I would have been able to appreciate my graduation as much as I did. The reason why I was able to enjoy that moment, was because of the journey that had gotten me there. All the late nights, lack of sleep, travelling for 3 hours a day (not that much has changed) was all worth it in the end. To be able to share the moment with friends and relatives who were there with me was even better.

Pastor David Gunawan of Hope Church. Spoke about the importance of patience. If you’re going through stuff right now, be patient. Life is more about the end result, life is about the journey and having impatience robs you of the process. Embrace the process, so that the end result can be better appreciated.