OS is alot more difficult that I thought it would be, especially since we have to do a design document. Only managed to get through some code today, didn’t really settle on anything yet, still need to think about how we’re going to do.

Today was the last day of Koorong’s 15% off sale, went there with Mary and Chim. Saw Alli there and some other people from church (which I forgot their name). Got myself a nice bible and a Relient K cd, guess which one??

Things (I need) to do (really soon): WebCMS review and usability test plan


Usability test plans

Did a few usability tests today. Used the L3 lab in CSE to conduct a test, I was the subject, which was pretty weird. Alot of people might think that being the user is easy, it’s not that easy actually, because you need to be able to talk and be descriptive and open about everything.

Ethics is just about done, still need to finish the WebCMS review and usability test plan. Should get them done by Monday.

Show me thy glory

Only managed to get some coding (practice) done today…I spent a few hours helping some friends with their databases stuff…don’t worry guys it’s not your fault

Well at homecell we learn’t about seeking the glory of God when problems or hard times come our way. I think I need to do this more often…when we get upset about something, rather than blowing up, we should pray and ask God to fill you with His glory and presence, because in His presence we have fullness of joy.

“if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Not again…

Argh..I spent all morning preparing for the presentation and in the end I didn’t speak…not even one word -_-” apparently today’s presentation was only a practice, the real one is next week o.O back to the drawing board I guess, need to fix up my essay as well…man I should be doing my thesis now…not happy Jan -_-

Well here are some photos (2 actually) of the dogs as promised:

This one is supposed to be a husky

This one is supposed to be a beagle

There are still heaps I haven’t opened – West highland terrier, dachshund, pug, golden retriever, poodle, miniature schnauzer and cocker spaniel. If anyone wants a picture of something let me know.

Thank you Niken!!! for getting the toys for me =)

Almost there…

Finally finished my powerpoint slides for the presentation tomorrow, but am I ready for it? definitely not…not yet anyway…I think there’s gonna be some improvisation tomorrow. Thidar finished everything today, she is just too good. It’s a good thing we have her in our group =P I’ve been doing ethics for the past 3 days…this is insane, I need to do my thesis >
My teeth is getting better now, not hurting as much which is good. I got the Maccas happy meal toys from Niken today. They’re the dogs. They’re so cute, I’ll post some pics later. Too tired now, need to sleep, gotta get up at 6am tommorow to go to uni for work.

Oh and praise God I finally got someone to buy my iPod. Now I can buy other stuff hehe ^^


I have to do an essay on the values of privacy for Ethics. It’s a group essay and we have to do 20 pages :/
there are 4 of us so that means 5 pages each…what to write?? what to write??

I should be doing it now…but if only I had things to write about…I’ve done about 1000 words, got another 1500 words to go :/
ok I’ve got a few points:
– to control information
– to protect our dignity
– to create intimacy
– to have relationships
– to restrict access
– to develop ourselves

Now the hard bit is expanding all this into a 2500 word document. To make matters worse my teeth hurst realli relli bad coz I just got braces for my bottom teeth. I’m hungry but every time I eat it hurts even more =(

My First Post

Hello World~!