Jamberoo Outing

Vertical conducted its first major outing to Jamberoo action park in Jamberoo, NSW, Australia on Saturday the 28th. We had such a great time, much better than I had expected, consdering the weather wa quite gloomy. In the morning it was drizzling the whole time, but praise God that soon stopped as we arrived at Jamberoo. The main attraction were the toboggans, however due to the rain they were closed until they could get the track dry enough. Although it was raining and a little cold, this did not stop the 39 or so that came from jumping in the water and enjoying themselves in the wave pool, water slides and river rapids.

Jamberoo cars
The Jamberoo cars with a massive 5HP engine!

Down the toboggan track
Going down the toboggan mountain.

Overall we had a great time and praise God for the weather, we were able to go on ALL the rides. The main highlights were:

  • Surfhill – an 8 lane high speed water slide, fully equipped with sensors which tells you the place you came in the race (it even detects false starts!)
  • Rapid River – relax as you float around the river on a plastic tube, however we got together and had fun tipping people (that we know) over into the water and we made a massive train from all the tubes.
  • Toboggan – not as good as the others because we experienced a few difficulties where the sled would just stop in the middle of the track (even without using the brakes at all!)
  • The LOG – not a main attraction but we certainly had plenty of laughs seeing people try to walk on the log (which is slippery and it also rotates) without falling into the freezing cold water. Reminds me of one of those crazy Japanese shows. I’ll try to post the video up soon.

If you haven’t been to Jamberoo, I encourage you to go and experience it for yourself, but what made the day fun was that we went with a large group. It’s not about where you go or what you do, but it’s who you go with that makes all the difference. In the month of May, Vertical Life Group will be conducting a bowling night, if you’re in Sydney and would like to know more feel free to contact me via the Contact page.




OBS Downtime

Yesterday the Online Bible Study (OBS) emails were not sent due to a bug in the mailing form. We used a checkbox to flag whether an entry should be sent or not, and with checkboxes it’s a little tricky in that, in that it only ever has a value if the box is ticked and this value is specified as an attribute.


<input type=“checkbox” name=“send” value=“checked”>

So when we want to check if the checkbox is ticked you would do something like this in PHP:

$send = $_POST[‘send’];
if ($sendnow == “checked”)

Note that the attribute value=”checked” is the crucial element here as it allows you to distinguish between the two states. Without it there would be no value assigned when the form is processed through the PHP script, i.e., it will always be seen as false or unchecked. The problem I found was that, my script was not checking the correct value, so even though your values are there, make sure that you have the right conditional set up.

Everything should be fixed now and OBS emails should be back as per normal. If you would like to know more about OBS or subscribe to the mailing list visit the OBS page.

I’m currently working on getting the new Hope Mission Centre website up and running, so hopefully we will have that up soon. The launch date will be in May 2007. Not long to go now, I will post a few prototype screenshots in the coming week.

That’s It!

Yesterday was my very first time preaching to the youth group (Youthopea) or any other group, apart from leading bible study discussions. I have to say, I am amazed at what happens when you allow the Holy Spirit to lead. I honestly did not think it would go as well as it did. Praise God for what He did, I believe we all had a good time, it was truly a blessing to be able to deliver His word and I was so blessed to see so many people being blessed.

The image depicts God’s gracious mercy and that His grace is enough, whatever worldly things we may desire, all we need is Jesus and nothing else. There is and will be no substitute for the grace of God. When Jesus died His last words were: “It is finished.”, basically what He’s saying is – that’s it, I’ve done it, so you don’t have to.

Jesus died and gave up everything so that through Him we can have everything.

Ignorant Gay Men

Not only are these men gay (which is bad enough), they are worse than a chimpanzee. At least a chimpanzee knows to stay away from something that is dangerous. Now I have nothing against gay men, because after all they are still human and Jesus loves them as much as He loves me. However I do have something against their practises, I don’t agree with homosexuality at all because I believe it’s wrong – it’s simply not how we are wired. There is no such thing as being “born gay”, the root of this is always from the environment around child, their up-bringing, influence and education.

Ok so we all know that there are gay people out there, but the story here being told of what some gay men go after, is just disgusting!

A HIV-positive man said in court that “bug chasing” was “a big thing out there” and that he had been pursued on the internet by a man wanting the bug.

Full article here.

There are actually people out there, who actually want to contract HIV. Yet there are countless doctors around the globe trying to cure this deadly disease. These people (or more precisely – gay men) are actually throwing away their life for a disease. They are literally trading their life (the only one they have), for something that is so vulgar.

Sometimes we ourselves trade things just to get a cheap thrill, but we need to realise that all these things that are on earth will eventually pass away, everything… even your own body, it’s not going to last. However one thing that will last, is God’s grace and mercy. He gave Jesus, His one and only Son to die for us that we might have life, that our lives may be fulfilled the way it was meant to be. God is gracious enough even though you are guilty of homosexuality, He is willing to take you back – there is always hope in Jesus Christ.

Prune juice?

Some prunes

A friend of mine asked this insightful question:

If prunes are dehydrated plums, how come we have prune juice?

Well after consulting with the trusty Mr Google this is what I’ve found:
– Prune juice is NOT a fruit juice
– It is actually a water extract
– They are made by softening the prunes through steaming and then putting them through a pulper to create a watery puree and this is then processed, filtered and put into bottles as “prune juice”.

Personally I don’t remember the last time I had prune juice (or whether I have ever consumed this drink), but they say it’s good for you – especially in the area of excretion.

Tragedy in Virginia

A DOMESTIC dispute may have prompted a gunman to go on the shooting in a Virginia university in which he killed at least 30 people and 15 injured others before turning the gun on himself.

The full story is here.

Latest death toll update is at 33!

Let us be mindful of the family and friends of the victims and also the Virginia community as a whole. I pray that God will be with those families, the students and staff of Virginia Tech University. May God use these circumstances to bring more people to Christ, for only in Jesus can we have hope. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

The location of the shooting
Blacksburg, Virginia. The location of the shooting.

There are some things money can buy

for everything else, we need Jesus Christ!

Today I had such an awesome time having church and youth (for the last 10 mins of it – because I was busy fixing one of our leader’s laptop so she could get on with her work). Church service was quite different today, it was almost as if we had 3 sermons. One thing that really struck me was this phrase “there are some things money can buy, but for everything else, we need Jesus Christ”.

The pastor shared with us the progress on the building fund and she shared with us the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 men (which actually meant over 10,000 men, women and children). What did it take to feed them? 5 loaves and 2 fish. Who gave the food? A little boy. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our possessions we forget that God wants your heart, that little boy had the child-like faith that God desires in us. That little boy gave his all, he gave probably all he had to eat that day.

We are in the process of paying for a building, however we are still short by a long shot, but we believe that as we sow whatever seed we have into God’s kingdom, He will multiply it. I was so encouraged today that a good friend of mine had the heart to sacrifice his dream car (which he had just bought about 2 months ago) by selling it and give the money he gets from the car to the Hope Building Fund.

It really reminded me of how we as a child of God should live. God will not cause you to be in lack, if God can provide food for the birds, what more us, His own children. All these material possessions are just temporary, however our treasure in heaven is eternal.

So once again, there are some things money can buy (cars, houses, computers, jewelery) but for everything else (love, peace, joy, salvation, eternal life), we need Jesus Christ.