Moving Mountains

Everyone has their own problems in life – myself included. Even the richest person on earth has problems, even mother Theresa would have had problems. However when we claim victory in Jesus Christ, He will cause your mountains to tremble and get you through your problems.

This can only happen if you believe and receive it for yourself. We will never have the strength to move our mountains (problems) on our own, but our faith should be in the Lord that He will move the mountains in our lives.

Every valley shall be exalted And every mountain and hill brought low; The crooked places shall be made straight And the rough places smooth; – Isaiah 40:4

On the other hand sometimes God causes these obstacles to be present in our lives. Why? because they will build and refine you as a person. Your character is built up through circumstances.

And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. – Romans 5:3-4

Remember that the problems will always be temporary and that there is a great reward on the other side of the mountain.

God bless


Communicating the right way

When people think about communication the first thing that would most likely come up is talking. Communicating is not all about talking, but the most important part is listening. You may or may not have heard this before, but God created us to have two ears and one mouth. So in essence we need to listen twice as much as we speak. Unfortunately most of us don’t listen anywhere near enough.

If you think God doesn’t speak to you, well you’re wrong. The truth is, He does, all the time. The only reason you don’t hear Him is because you’re not listening! You either refuse to believe what He is saying to you, you ignore Him or you lack the knowledge. God speaks in many different ways, but it’s not much use if you don’t listen. If God can speak to you, so can the devil. So becareful that you’re not listening to the wrong voice. The devil may sound all good and righteous, but since when does He care whether you are a good person or not. The only thing He’s interested in, is getting you as far away from God as possible.

A friend of mine said that the reason why guys have selective hearing when it comes to women, is because women’s voices are of a higher frequency. These higher frequencies are more prone to filtering, thus making women harder to listen to. Interesting theory indeed.

More Godly Wisdom

Got my last 2 wisdom teeth taken out today. So now I have no more wisdom teeth, which means no more teeth to be pulled out..YAY! This time the post-surgery pain seemed to be worse than the first time. More nausea and headaches, but I’m sure that in a couple of days I should be ok.

Now that I have less (human) wisdom, BUT more room for Godly wisdom – quote from Chim.

But Nevertheless…

…not what I will, but as You will and desire. Matthew 26:39 (AMP)

There is no secret to living life to it’s fullest. This can only be achieved when we are abiding by the will of God. He has an awesome and marvelous plan for ALL of YOU – Jeremiah 29:11. Sometimes we are too stubborn to let His will to be done in our lives, we keep praying to God, to have this and that. You have to realise however that God’s plan is much, much better. We may not understand it, because God’s mind is above ours, but it takes faith.

If a family member is dying, we would naturally pray that he/she would get better, but can we trust God enough for His will to be done? Even though that means he/she would die. God knows the big picture, He doesn’t make mistakes. So next time you pray try to always include those two words – “but nevertheless” not what I will, but as You will.

When we begin to follow in His will, God will also grant your heart’s desires – Psalm 37:4, how awesome is that? So how do we know what is His will? First you need to have faith and believe in Jesus and by reading the Bible, God will show you everything that you need to know. It may not be straight away but He will in due time.

JESUS is RISEN indeed

Do you know what Easter is all about? It’s not about eating lots chocolate eggs, it’s not about rabbits, it’s not even about seeing your relatives. Easter is all about Jesus! The one that died a horrendous death, after being mocked and tortured. He did all that for YOU!

Jesus was not obligated to do it, He chose to do it out of His compassion and love for us. God could have easily wiped the whole earth and started all over again with better people, but He chose not to. When Jesus died, He knew that there would be people that would still reject Him, but He took a chance anyway.

So the work by Jesus is done. It is now up to YOU. Jesus’ death has now given you three choices – will you:

  • Mock Him
  • Ignore Him
  • Believe Him

My prayer is that you will choose to believe Him, because once you do, only then will you find a life worth living for. Not only that, God’s promised that you will live a life to its FULLEST and that he has plans not to harm you BUT to prosper you. And what did you have to do? NOTHING…nada…zilch…the only thing that you need to do is to believe and accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour.

Good Friday indeed

Corny joke for today:
What is a computer man’s (one that works in the computer industry) least favourite game?
Tips (or tag) because he is always the IT man =)

Anyhow, thank you Jesus for dying for ALL our sins (big and small).
Thank You for the cross Lord,
Thank You for the nail pierced hands,
Bearing all my sin and shame,
In love You came and gave amazing grace.

Thank you Jesus that we also get a holiday! No work today, except of course house work. Did alot of cleaning today. Spent the day from 10am to almost 3pm just on cleaning the house. After that I got invited to go to my friend’s church for their Good Friday service. It was great, had a little trouble singing the Indo songs because I don’t really know them, but it was an awesome time of praise and worship and prayer (turned out to be more like a prayer meeting).

Afterwards we _happened_ to run into some photo sticker place and it’s amazing how much people would pay for just a few little stickers. One booth was $15 for 4 photos. Now to any ordinary guy that is not cheap at all. Yet people would gladly pay that kind of money. Only after having experienced myself, I realised that it’s not just about taking a photo, it’s about the fun in taking a photo and also being able to _decorate_ your photos with _stuff_. So you could be taking for photos for 5 mins and spend over half an hour just _decorating_ your photos with hearts, stars, bunny ears, etc. Of course the more people you get into the photo the merrier (and cheaper because you can split the money).

You may wonder why do people (girls especially) like taking sticker photos. Apart from the fun of doing it, I realise that everyone’s face in the sticker photo is clean! So the photo actually makes them look better, by not showing pimples or any other blemishes. Well that’s my _photo-sticker_ theory.

Learning to drive again

I’ve started driving the manual car recently – it feels like as if I’m learning to drive all over again (but not as bad). Just need to get used to changing gears and coordinating my hands. It can be pretty fun sometimes and sometimes it can be quite tiring. So far I haven’t been stalling too much and I’m getting better the more I drive it. So hopefully in about a week or two it should be a piece of cake.