Just for fun

Had a great time today chilling at home. Thanks to my friends for coming over and hanging with me. This kind of stuff doesn’t normally happen at my place, usually at other people’s place, so yea it was nice to be at home for a change. Good thing is, I don’t have to go anywhere haha. We should have it at my place more often ^^

It’s been a while since I blogged huh… well I was at Melbourne most of last week so I’ll blame it on that. Melbourne was alot of fun though, but at the same time alot of hard work. I was “working” over 12 hours each day. So because of that I didn’t get to watch the tennis matches I wanted to watch and we didn’t have much time to go shopping or go around Melbourne at all. It’s all good though, after all I didn’t pay a single cent while I was there.


Work, work, work

Hey guys and girls, so It’s been 2 days here in Melbourne. A quick recap of what’s happened so far.

Wed 18th – arrived in Melbourne around 9am and got something to eat and after that we pretty much went straight to see a client – Get Fresh – (haven’t even checked in to the apartment). We stayed with that client until about 5.30pm since we had another meeting to see a “potential” client. Then we went back to Get Fresh to sort out some problems they were having, so we ended up leaving Get Fresh around 9.30pm.

Thu 19th – today – another very long day. Got up at 8.00 am and left the apartment at 8.30am to have breakfast. Went to the exhibition centre at 10am to help clients setup their stands. Stayed there ALL day and worked the whole time (didn’t even have lunch). We finally finished at around 7.30pm and went straight to dinner. Dinner was really nice though, I had scallops for entree and a Flounder for main course. Topped up with Tiramisu for dessert….

I expect tmr will be another long day… but it’s all good… learning things as I go. Hopefully I’ll get time to look around Melbourne.

From Superman to Iron Chef

A friend had his bucks party on Saturday. Oh man… I certainly would not want to be in his shoes at the time. The guys made him dress up as Superman and got him to run around Darling Harbour (for those who don’t know, ALOT of people are always at Darling Harbour). So here he is making a fool of himself in front of hundreds of people, running around in a Superman suit. Then he was made to get as many people to take photos WITH him and also ASK for donations so that he could buy a child a movie ticket. Eventually he did it, raising $13 for the ticket. He did very well, go Superman!!

The next day it was the battle of the Iron Chef, and the venue – Youthopea. 6 Iron Chefs battle it out, it was great to see people bring out their cooking talents. The food was brilliant to say the least. I feel like cooking now, or at least try (since I’m not very good…)

Well next week should be more fun, but sadly I won’t be there since I will be going to Melbourne for a business/work trip. This is my first time travelling for work – well I only did start a couple of months ago. I’m excited and nervous at the same time, but I think it should be ok. Hopefully the clients will be cooperative…

You may hear from me while I’m down there. I’ll be gone for about 8 days. If not you’ll hear from me when I get back =)

God bless!

A New Generation

The big announcement today. Apple has unveiled their first intel based Macs. The specs look sweet. I want one now! Problem is I need to buy a phone and then buy a car first. So I guess it’ll have to wait till later on. Hopefully Apple will release another revision to fix any bugs in this release.

If you haven’t noticed I’ve also introduced something new. The title is “Divine Thoughts…” not “Wandering Thoughts…” I figured it’s time to stop wandering around and actually start heading somewhere. Where are we going? You’ll just have to wait and see =)

Burning … for God

What a weekend! On saturday about ten of us went to Wattamolla beach. That was cool, I haven’t been there for over 6 years. It’s a really nice place because it’s not only a beach, but it has a fresh water inland lagoon – quite shallow mostly so it’s good to play around in. On the downside I realised that night that I got burnt because I didn’t put sunscreen on…bummer…and it kills!

Sundays are always heaps of fun. First up is church then we go have lunch together and then back to church for Youthopea. This week we had a games night so that was fun! Afterwards we have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. That was yummy and then to top it off, we had Max Brenner for dessert, that was even yummier! Chocolates galore! Unfortunately my back was still burning and hurting…

Today it’s time to go back to work. The day didn’t turn out so bad, cos I managed to do a few things and learnt some things along the way. Ate quite a lot today, since I bought my own lunch and then my boss makes fruit salad so I had some. For dinner went to the Pastor’s house (since we have Monday night prayer meeting) and we had a Singaporean dish. When you eat there, you eat until you are full. Thanks to God for all the blessings.

To top it all off, on the way home I wanted to fill up petrol. I saw one service station had it for 115 cents/litre – which is quite expensive compared to normal on Mondays. So I was hoping it would be cheaper at the place I normally go to (Shell). On the way there I pass a different Shell gas station (same company but different location). I looked and saw that they were selling at 116 cents/litre. I was not happy at all, so I say (exact words) “The other Shell will have petrol for 114 cents/litre, in Jesus name”. 5 mins later I get there and guess what? They had it for 114 cents/litre. I was just reminded… I should have asked for more… sometimes we limit to what God can do, but God can do ALL things!

Yes, I’m still burning, it’s hurting, but I’m going to continue burning (until my sunburn heals) and of course after that I’ll keep burning for God no matter how painful.

Back to work

Got a good workout yesterday, carrying tonnes and tonnes of soil, pebbles and sand. My hands are still hurting from carrying all those bucket loads.

Today is back to work day, for me anyway (most people were already back to work yesterday). So I got an extra day, YAY! Well it’s good to know that I’m going to be getting money again, I so need some right now, after all the stuff I bought for Christmas. Then I got other stuff I need to buy right now as well.

DotCom is back on again, DotCom stands for Discipling OThers for the COMmission. Basically it’s where we learn the bible in a one on one situation. So at the moment I am a disciple of my DotCOM leader. Later once I have gone through it I will be able to discple others too, so in essence we are trying to teach the bible to as many as possible. DotCOM is run by Hope Mission Centre.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all have a blessed 2006. How awesome was today, today was incredibly HOT… we had an awesome church service held at midnight and in the morning some of us went to the beach to see the first sunrise of 2006. Today was HOT weatherwise as well as the temperatures reached up to 45 degrees celsius (113 degrees fahrenheit). Whenever we’d step out into the sun, it felt as if we were being poked by a scorching iron rod.

Again lack of sleep got to us again. I think I’m going to have another early night tonight.