Busy Vee

I haven’t updated my blog in almost a week…if you still don’t get it from the title…I am a VERY BUSY person and going to be that way for the next week at least…since my thesis is going to be due in a week’s time…

Gotta get cracking…if you don’t hear from me anytime soon…see you all on the other side =P



Yes we had SAKATA today! For those of you that don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, SAKATA is a brand of rice crackers. I brought some for today’s UniCell meeting. What I did was I bought two different flavours, and I opened them and switched them around. So that they would be in the wrong packaging.

The point of this was to show that sometimes people label themselves as Christians but they don’t really act like one. So it’s like having a packet of Pizza flavoured rice crackers, but tasting like cream cheese.

So for those of you that have experienced this, i.e. known a Christian who didn’t act like one. We’re not all like that, but I guess just be mindful that we are human and thus we’re not perfect either.

So the point is to LIVE out what you SAY. i.e. if you’re a Christian, then act like one.

Dieu te benir (that’s French for God bless =D)

Boy-Girl Relationships

This started out as a comment for Warton’s blog, and all of sudden it turned out to be a full on post. So here it is.

We talked about this subject for a month at youth. Note: I am saying all this in a Christian’s perspective.

The list we all make is almost never satisfied. Why? because we only think about the physical…so in that sense there can never be a “perfect” partner. However God does has a perfect partner for you (unless He has called you to celibacy) and that perfect partner will have Godly qualities. They may not be perfect (as nobody is perfect) but over time both you and your partner will be able to grow to be more and more like Him.

Now when you look at things that way, instead of things getting uglier as time goes on (things get saggy, wrinkles, etc.) When you look at things in God’s eyes, as time goes on that person would be getting more and more beautiful.

As for girls making the first move. Generally I think it’s better for the guy to make the first move (I’m a guy….yes it’s hard…even though I’ve never done it…I can imagine it =P). The reason why the guy should make the first move is because the guy should be taking charge of the relationship. The bible says that the man is the head of the household. Of course there would be cases when the girl is the one that initiates the conversation and that would be ok, but it’s still the guy’s job to initiate the relationship.

Finally as for marrying young. Divorce rates are increasing. This is because people rely on their feelings too much, they might get married and then a few years down the track they don’t feel like being married anymore. So personally I wouldn’t be getting into any personal relationships until I am ready, i.e. I can provide for my partner and also I am spiritually mature among other factors.


We went to Hurricanes for dinner today and guess who we saw there?? The Wallabies were there! I’m talking about the Australian rugby union team. I saw Gregan, Rogers, Tuquiri, etc. they were all there. It was pretty cool since this is the first time I’ve seen them in person (I’ve always watched them play on TV).

Afterwards we went bowling, it was pretty good. One of my bowls hit the gutter and then popped out and hit the pins. Now that’s skill.. ^^


Praise GOD! I’m soo happy as you can imagine after you’ve just won something. I didn’t even know I won it until the prizes actually got delivered. I came home today and I saw a box on the table with my name on it. At first I thought it was just an old parcel box. However after closer inspection I saw that it was actually sealed. So then I got a little excited of course. Inside I found a DVD and a CD. WOW! Thanks to FreshRadio, listen to them online – http://www.freshradio.net.

The DVD: Planetshakers: Evermore

The CD: Olivia The Band (self-titled)

They are awesome, I recommend it to everyone =)

I bought my friend her birthday present today. I feel kinda bad that I didn’t look hard enough, well I hope she likes it. I also bought 2 shirts for myself, it’s about time I got some new clothes…

* Pictures taken from http://www.koorong.com.au

One in a million

All my life I’ve caught the buses and never have I been in a defected bus. I’ve been on broken down trains, but never buses. Well today (yesterday) was the day, the bus was somehow possessed because every few seconds or so the back door would just open. It went on for some time until the bus driver got everyone out and told us to go to the nearest bus stop to catch another bus to uni.

So in the end I ended up being late for my lecture…not that it really matters anyway because I didn’t pay attention half the time, mainly because I didn’t get a chance to print out the lecture notes. Besides I prefer to read the textbook.

Family or career

I was supposed to post this yesterday but anyway…

My friends (mostly girls) and I were having a discussion on whether we should pursue a PhD/Career or be able to stay home to nurture the kids. The dilemma faced by one of my friends was that she wanted to be a relatively young mum (i.e. no more than 25 yrs). The problem is that she would also like to pursue a PhD which means she won’t finish until she’s around 26.

The problem is that if she does decide to pursue a PhD then she will have to hold off getting a kid until later (which she doesn’t want to do). However if she decides to have the kid then she won’t be able to pursue a PhD/Career, because she wants to be able to look after the kid herself until at least the kid has grown up.

What would you do?