Purpose of logos

What is the purpose of logos? To create an image? Something that can be recognised? How do we create good logos? Seth explores the concept of logo creation. There are a few things I’d like to point out:

  • Some of the great logos in our day didn’t cost much to make
  • Not everything needs a logo
  • The object or brand is not defined by the logo
  • The logo is defined by the object or brand

I think there is a relation to self-image, especially the last 2 points. Our self-image is not defined by our appearance, but instead they should be defined by our actions. Just because a person is well dressed, does not necessarily mean they are well mannered (although alot of the times they could be).

So rather than focusing on what people see, we should instead focus on our character and how we interact with others, to build a good self-image. Most importantly, our true self is not what we do in front of others, but what we do in secre, when noone is watching.


One Response

  1. looking at a logo the first time is like going on a blind date and looking at your date for the first time. Her appearance doesn’t say anything about how the date is going to go. If all goes well, she will become attractive to you no matter how she looks. A designer can make you look like brad pitt, your job is to act like one.

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