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    Monica Williams on Boy-Girl Relationships
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One sex or is it?

I just had a thought as I was commuting on the train from work. We have words like unicycle, unicorn, united, they all have a common meaning through the prefix uni, i.e., one of something, cycle or wheel, corn or horn (no idea how they got corn), and basically this concept of one entity.

Then if ‘uni‘ means to have one of something, why is it that we have unisex and yet it means to be applicable to both sexes. Wouldn’t a more appropriate word be bisex?

I just thought that was interesting. The English language is filled with all of these quirks and special rules, which is why I can understand that it is one of the hardest to master.

I’m glad when God said ‘whoever believes in Him shall not perish‘ there’s no exceptions whatsoever. No special rules or quirks like the English language. It’s NOT whoever except for those bad people, NOT whoever except for bullies, NOT whoever except for the people that are stingy. God loves whoever and that means whoever, no exceptions, no conditions, He loves you no matter who you are.


3 Responses

  1. V!

    is this your new blog? o.O HM.. I never seen it… til… NOW! =P

    hm… ‘whoever BELIEVES in Him shall not perish’. It’s true that God loves whoever… but those who doesnt believe in Him WOULD perish. So, I think what you’re trying to say is that, God still very much love the bullies, bad, stingy people… BUT (exception) if they (whoever) not believe in Him…they shall perish.

    so the KEY..is not to be ‘whoever’ but to be a believer.

  2. what does ‘awaiting moderation’ means? does that mean it needs to be approved FIRST by you?? o.O

    NOT FAIR!!! >=( !!! =P

    does that mean people that pour out their HONEST opinion (esp.towards you) and you think what they think is wrong or offended you or.. etc etc, then you would have the POWER to exclude their comments? tsk tsk tsk… kekeke kidding!! I believe you’re not like that.

    anyways, I better get back to my study @__@ OoOoHhh tourismm @___@”

  3. hahaha V
    I have to do that because there’s alot of spam.
    You’re right it’s whoever BELIEVES, so in the same way there’s no condition for the believer, anyone can believe and accept Jesus into their lilfe.
    As long as it’s not spam, I will approve it, just like how I approved your 2 comments 🙂
    Yes this is my newish blog… I started it a few weeks ago or maybe a month ago.. can’t remember… what do you think?
    All the best for your exam! 🙂

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