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Jamberoo Outing

Vertical conducted its first major outing to Jamberoo action park in Jamberoo, NSW, Australia on Saturday the 28th. We had such a great time, much better than I had expected, consdering the weather wa quite gloomy. In the morning it was drizzling the whole time, but praise God that soon stopped as we arrived at Jamberoo. The main attraction were the toboggans, however due to the rain they were closed until they could get the track dry enough. Although it was raining and a little cold, this did not stop the 39 or so that came from jumping in the water and enjoying themselves in the wave pool, water slides and river rapids.

Jamberoo cars
The Jamberoo cars with a massive 5HP engine!

Down the toboggan track
Going down the toboggan mountain.

Overall we had a great time and praise God for the weather, we were able to go on ALL the rides. The main highlights were:

  • Surfhill – an 8 lane high speed water slide, fully equipped with sensors which tells you the place you came in the race (it even detects false starts!)
  • Rapid River – relax as you float around the river on a plastic tube, however we got together and had fun tipping people (that we know) over into the water and we made a massive train from all the tubes.
  • Toboggan – not as good as the others because we experienced a few difficulties where the sled would just stop in the middle of the track (even without using the brakes at all!)
  • The LOG – not a main attraction but we certainly had plenty of laughs seeing people try to walk on the log (which is slippery and it also rotates) without falling into the freezing cold water. Reminds me of one of those crazy Japanese shows. I’ll try to post the video up soon.

If you haven’t been to Jamberoo, I encourage you to go and experience it for yourself, but what made the day fun was that we went with a large group. It’s not about where you go or what you do, but it’s who you go with that makes all the difference. In the month of May, Vertical Life Group will be conducting a bowling night, if you’re in Sydney and would like to know more feel free to contact me via the Contact page.



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