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    Monica Williams on Boy-Girl Relationships
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Ignorant Gay Men

Not only are these men gay (which is bad enough), they are worse than a chimpanzee. At least a chimpanzee knows to stay away from something that is dangerous. Now I have nothing against gay men, because after all they are still human and Jesus loves them as much as He loves me. However I do have something against their practises, I don’t agree with homosexuality at all because I believe it’s wrong – it’s simply not how we are wired. There is no such thing as being “born gay”, the root of this is always from the environment around child, their up-bringing, influence and education.

Ok so we all know that there are gay people out there, but the story here being told of what some gay men go after, is just disgusting!

A HIV-positive man said in court that “bug chasing” was “a big thing out there” and that he had been pursued on the internet by a man wanting the bug.

Full article here.

There are actually people out there, who actually want to contract HIV. Yet there are countless doctors around the globe trying to cure this deadly disease. These people (or more precisely – gay men) are actually throwing away their life for a disease. They are literally trading their life (the only one they have), for something that is so vulgar.

Sometimes we ourselves trade things just to get a cheap thrill, but we need to realise that all these things that are on earth will eventually pass away, everything… even your own body, it’s not going to last. However one thing that will last, is God’s grace and mercy. He gave Jesus, His one and only Son to die for us that we might have life, that our lives may be fulfilled the way it was meant to be. God is gracious enough even though you are guilty of homosexuality, He is willing to take you back – there is always hope in Jesus Christ.


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