Microsoft fixes the fix

I have always disliked the vulnerabilities of Windows, but today’s dilemma with the animated cursor fix, really surprised me. The fact that Microsoft, out of all software companies, would release a patch, that still contained bugs.

So really in the end, it came down to performing a Windows update to fix the original problem and then the user has to put up with the error messages, until the hotfix is released to fix the problem which affects the Realtek HD Audio control panel.

For someone who doesn’t know much about computers they wouldn’t have the slightest clue that they needed to go to the microsoft support site to download the hotfix (since it doesn’t seem to update automatically – not on my friend’s PC anyway). Which I guess shows how Macs seems to have less problems that PCs, simply because Macs are fixed to a predefined set of hardware, whereas PC have endless hardware combinations.

For the hotfix go to this page:


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