Christmas Eve

Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25th? Christmas is a day where we celebrate the birth of Jesus. So that means Jesus’ birthday must be on December 25th. Technically this is not necessarily correct as there is no evidence to suggest that, it is only a date that has been given by the early churches. The next question you may ask is: why God didn’t tell us Jesus’ birthday? The thing is He could have, but He didn’t.

Everything God tells us is for a reason. God didn’t tell us Jesus’ birthday because I guess it wasn’t important. The birth or the coming of Jesus instead should be something we celebrate and remember each day, not just once a year. Knowing when Jesus is born would not make a difference.

As you celebrate Christmas, remember the reason for the season. Jesus Christ came to this world to save us all. This is the greatest gift of all – salvation – but will you receive it?


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