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    Monica Williams on Boy-Girl Relationships
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Life Involves Risks

Living life to the full involves taking risks, imagine if we never took any risks and each step we took was pre-meditated. It would be very boring, because you could always tell what was going to happen next. Sometimes to make it big, we need to take risks, eg. the companies and businessmen they invest into “things” in the hope that the “thing” will do well and they’ll get their returns. However there is always the risk that the “thing” will not do so well and they have just lost millions of dollars that they’ve invested.

Compare that to someone who only invests a few thousand dollars, because they know that they will gain for sure, even though it’s only a little. The sowing and reaping principle can be applied here. The more you sow, the more you reap. I think one of the biggest factors for small businesses to thrive, is having people to invest in it. Not just a few thousand, but millions, basically giving their all. In the end there will be two scenarios, either they will go bankrupt or they will be successful. The result depends on who we invest in.

Jesus wants us to give our all to Him, as He has done for us. Jesus died for us, risking the fact that people would not accept Him. We have the responsibility to accept Him and although it may be a risk to us, because of our background, families and friends. There is no other purpose in life.

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