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It’s about time!

Well it’s been a while but I’m back from my trip to Melbourne. The trip wasn’t too bad, but I did miss church, youth, homecell and prayer very much. I didn’t think the trip was very exciting at all, because it was mainly work, work and more work (and also eating big dinners).

As usual we had issues with our flights – normally it’s just that we were early so we go to a cafe and in the end we get on board just in time – our names must have been called almost on every flight. We left Sydney at 6.30am on Qantas. I liked the Qantas plane as it is much more comfortable than Virgin Blue, plus you get food and drinks and other things as well. On Virgin Blue nothing is free.

When we arrived in Melbourne we waited almost 15 mins for my luggage to appear, in the end it turned out my luggage didn’t make it on our flight, so we had to wait for my luggage to come in from the next flight.

On the way back we were rushing to get to the airport at 8pm to make the 8.30pm flight, but we got to the airport at 8.15 and so we couldn’t check in and had to take the next flight out which was at 9pm.

I’m glad that God knows best and that His timing is always perfect, God is never late nor ever early. He knows the right time for everything. We as humans think we know best, but we don’t. God created us and so He is the one that knows us best. How can the created know better than the creator. God created time, not us. God was never bound by time, there is no such thing as time in heaven. Time was created for us on earth.

“To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven: ” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

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