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Communicating the right way

When people think about communication the first thing that would most likely come up is talking. Communicating is not all about talking, but the most important part is listening. You may or may not have heard this before, but God created us to have two ears and one mouth. So in essence we need to listen twice as much as we speak. Unfortunately most of us don’t listen anywhere near enough.

If you think God doesn’t speak to you, well you’re wrong. The truth is, He does, all the time. The only reason you don’t hear Him is because you’re not listening! You either refuse to believe what He is saying to you, you ignore Him or you lack the knowledge. God speaks in many different ways, but it’s not much use if you don’t listen. If God can speak to you, so can the devil. So becareful that you’re not listening to the wrong voice. The devil may sound all good and righteous, but since when does He care whether you are a good person or not. The only thing He’s interested in, is getting you as far away from God as possible.

A friend of mine said that the reason why guys have selective hearing when it comes to women, is because women’s voices are of a higher frequency. These higher frequencies are more prone to filtering, thus making women harder to listen to. Interesting theory indeed.


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