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    Monica Williams on Boy-Girl Relationships
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Good Friday indeed

Corny joke for today:
What is a computer man’s (one that works in the computer industry) least favourite game?
Tips (or tag) because he is always the IT man =)

Anyhow, thank you Jesus for dying for ALL our sins (big and small).
Thank You for the cross Lord,
Thank You for the nail pierced hands,
Bearing all my sin and shame,
In love You came and gave amazing grace.

Thank you Jesus that we also get a holiday! No work today, except of course house work. Did alot of cleaning today. Spent the day from 10am to almost 3pm just on cleaning the house. After that I got invited to go to my friend’s church for their Good Friday service. It was great, had a little trouble singing the Indo songs because I don’t really know them, but it was an awesome time of praise and worship and prayer (turned out to be more like a prayer meeting).

Afterwards we _happened_ to run into some photo sticker place and it’s amazing how much people would pay for just a few little stickers. One booth was $15 for 4 photos. Now to any ordinary guy that is not cheap at all. Yet people would gladly pay that kind of money. Only after having experienced myself, I realised that it’s not just about taking a photo, it’s about the fun in taking a photo and also being able to _decorate_ your photos with _stuff_. So you could be taking for photos for 5 mins and spend over half an hour just _decorating_ your photos with hearts, stars, bunny ears, etc. Of course the more people you get into the photo the merrier (and cheaper because you can split the money).

You may wonder why do people (girls especially) like taking sticker photos. Apart from the fun of doing it, I realise that everyone’s face in the sticker photo is clean! So the photo actually makes them look better, by not showing pimples or any other blemishes. Well that’s my _photo-sticker_ theory.


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