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Why did the bird cross the road?

Today is yet another busy – but nevertheless good – day in the life of Victor. In the morning while driving to work, I saw something that was so cool. I saw a bird, it flew down from the trees onto the side road. It started to walk to get to the other side of the road, then as I drove closer it sensed or saw or heard the car coming and it just stopped, maybe a metre from where the cars were driving. Now usually birds would fly because they’d get frightened that they might get hit. This one just stood there. I was amazed at the bravery of this little bird, it stood there as if it were a person waiting for the car to pass. Once I had passed, it scampered across the road to the other side. I thought that was cool, then again I thought, why didn’t the bird just fly across? it would have been safer.

So the question still stands. Why did the bird cross the road? Maybe the bird was too lazy to fly, who knows.


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  1. that really is odd.. you saw it fly down to the road and didnt fly across the road it walked.. how odd.. perhaps it wanted to warm its feet.. and was smart enough to know if it stopped any closer to the cars it would have died..

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