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Burning … for God

What a weekend! On saturday about ten of us went to Wattamolla beach. That was cool, I haven’t been there for over 6 years. It’s a really nice place because it’s not only a beach, but it has a fresh water inland lagoon – quite shallow mostly so it’s good to play around in. On the downside I realised that night that I got burnt because I didn’t put sunscreen on…bummer…and it kills!

Sundays are always heaps of fun. First up is church then we go have lunch together and then back to church for Youthopea. This week we had a games night so that was fun! Afterwards we have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. That was yummy and then to top it off, we had Max Brenner for dessert, that was even yummier! Chocolates galore! Unfortunately my back was still burning and hurting…

Today it’s time to go back to work. The day didn’t turn out so bad, cos I managed to do a few things and learnt some things along the way. Ate quite a lot today, since I bought my own lunch and then my boss makes fruit salad so I had some. For dinner went to the Pastor’s house (since we have Monday night prayer meeting) and we had a Singaporean dish. When you eat there, you eat until you are full. Thanks to God for all the blessings.

To top it all off, on the way home I wanted to fill up petrol. I saw one service station had it for 115 cents/litre – which is quite expensive compared to normal on Mondays. So I was hoping it would be cheaper at the place I normally go to (Shell). On the way there I pass a different Shell gas station (same company but different location). I looked and saw that they were selling at 116 cents/litre. I was not happy at all, so I say (exact words) “The other Shell will have petrol for 114 cents/litre, in Jesus name”. 5 mins later I get there and guess what? They had it for 114 cents/litre. I was just reminded… I should have asked for more… sometimes we limit to what God can do, but God can do ALL things!

Yes, I’m still burning, it’s hurting, but I’m going to continue burning (until my sunburn heals) and of course after that I’ll keep burning for God no matter how painful.

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  1. wow.. thats amazing.. great stuff!

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