Shurely good

Bought the Shure e3c sound isolating earphones today! It’s great! At first it was ordinary, but the more you use it (known as burning in) the better the sound is becoming. Because it goes right inside the ear, it was somewhat uncomfortable at first, but the more you wear it the more you get used to it. I’ve been wearing it for only a few hours and it’s much more comfortable almost to the point that I can barely feel it.

Well as they always say, you get what you pay for. I’m definitely getting what I paid for – it wasn’t cheap that’s for shure .. hehe


2 Responses

  1. really?? heaps cool! 4 ipod i’m guessing!

    well for me, i cant use it anymore because i was smart and went ahead and lost the charger/usb for it =[

  2. HI!

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