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    Monica Williams on Boy-Girl Relationships
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ALL done

Finally finished marking! yay! Been working heaps this week. On Tuesday I worked for 11 hrs (10 am – 8pm), Wednesday – 7.5 hrs (9.30 am – 5 pm), Thursday – 6.5 hrs (1.30 pm – 8 pm) and Today I’m gonna be working for 9 hrs (9 am – 6 pm). Well I’ll be looking forward to the next pay day =D

On Wednesday night I went to the CCC (Christian City Church conference/event) at the Superdome. They had Bishop TD Jakes come to speak for 3 nights (Wed – Fri) and it was AWESOME! Guy Sebastian guest appeared and sung “Angels brought me here”, I thought he was going to sing some worship songs. So I was a little bit dissappointed but nevertheless he was great. God really spoke to me that night, I’ll write up a UniCell teaching about it.

Finally to top it off, the Socceroos were playing against Uruguay at Telstra stadium (which is right next to the Superdome). So after the service with Bishop TD Jakes ended, we caught the last part of the game and Australia were 1-0 up and they went into extra time! I was pretty shocked, but I hoped that Australia would win, because the Uruguayans were so self-righteous. So we stayed around to watch the game on the BIG screen. Because Uruguay had beat them previously 1-0, the socceroos needed to win by 2 goals to qualify for the 2007 World Cup in Germany.

After 30 minutes of extra time (sudden death), the scores were still 1 (Australia) – 0 (Uruguay). So effectively the scores were 1-1, and it was time for the penalty shootout. Apparently Uruguay have lost the last 3 or 4 penalty shootouts they’ve been in, so in that sense we had a pretty good chance I thought. Kewell was first up, and give Australia a 1-0 lead, the Uruguayan shot was taken next and Schwarz blocked it! The place was going crazy! It was 2-1 when Viduka was given the shot. To everyone’s surprise, he missed! So the scores levelled at 2-2 and then an Australian shot puts them to 3-2. Shwarz the hero showed what a team the Australians are by blocking the next shot from Uruguay. So another goal to Australia meant that they would win. Aloisi did not dissappoint with his well placed shot. Australia had WON!!


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