More study???

Well that’s one of the things I’ve been considering lately… doing a postgraduate degree. Finishing my thesis was awesome, but I love it so much right now, that I’m still working on it. It reminds me of the time when I first learnt to program in QBASIC (it was coool..), now I’ve got a new toy, it’s called Cocoa.

I had my demo yesterday, it went well, my assessor seemed pleased with what I’ve done. (pray for HD! hehe) I told him that I even worked on the application some more and he is interested to see what I’ve done and so told me that I could send him another page to add to my thesis. Fully praise God, because half-way through my thesis I would never have thought it would turn out this good.

YCG ( was on today. It was the first round of volleyball or I like to call it V-ball =) We played two games and won one game and lost the other. That’s ok we’ll win them all next round ^^


3 Responses

  1. good stuff with the thesis buddy!

    ooooooo YCG? VOLLEYBALL?! I PLAYED LAST YEAR! for u guys i think.
    when is it on again???

  2. good on u wor vic vic

  3. Thanks guys.

    Yea YCG!!! next one is on Dec 3rd. Check the site for more info ^^

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