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Family or career

I was supposed to post this yesterday but anyway…

My friends (mostly girls) and I were having a discussion on whether we should pursue a PhD/Career or be able to stay home to nurture the kids. The dilemma faced by one of my friends was that she wanted to be a relatively young mum (i.e. no more than 25 yrs). The problem is that she would also like to pursue a PhD which means she won’t finish until she’s around 26.

The problem is that if she does decide to pursue a PhD then she will have to hold off getting a kid until later (which she doesn’t want to do). However if she decides to have the kid then she won’t be able to pursue a PhD/Career, because she wants to be able to look after the kid herself until at least the kid has grown up.

What would you do?

3 Responses

  1. adopt!.. lol

    nah, that aside, its never too late to do a PHD.. or have a kid for that matter..

  2. you can be old and have kids.. my uncle just had his first baby and he is 45 his wife is 32.. their baby is the smartest thing I have ever seen.. at 2 she can say her abc’s, knows 5 or 6 nusury ryhmes.. and can count to 25.. she outshines every one of our hick cousins and I know that her father and mother being as prepared as they were for her will give her the future she deserves..

    I think people should be ready for the children they have.. seriously.

  3. The argument for being a “young mum” was that there wasn’t such a big generation gap between the child and parent.

    Anyway as for me I think both of you are right. There’s no such thing as too late, but also you need to be prepared.

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