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Not this time

Me and my friend was planning on taking the ballroom class today. I called up this morning to see if there was any room, and yes there was, 2 spots left…so yay…but then when I asked if there would be enough girls (my friend being a guy) the guy told me that there was already a 50/50 split, i.e. 19 guys and 19 girls. The class size is capped at 40, and so if we were to join it would be 21 guys and 19 girls, meaning 2 guys would miss out…so we decided not to take it this time. It’s strange to see so many guys joining the dance class, in the latin dance class it was like 7 guys to about 12-14 girls. So that was good, for the guys haha… oh well I guess I’ll have to do ballroom another time…

Man I’m starting to realise how little work I’m doing on my thesis. I haven’t met up with my supervisor for weeks, he’s not gonna be happy :\ ok time to get into gear and get some work done …


5 Responses

  1. I don’t see why you wouldn’t still join. I mean, you and your male friend could just take turns leading, no?

  2. Ballroom dancing – what a treat. Graceful, gliding, guiding – just too darn intimate for two guys, that’s why!

    ‘marked you for more reading, surfed in from BE.

  3. We decided doing latin was enough for now. I think it’s better to do it one at a time anyway, might get confused with the different styles. Plus I’d rather save my money for now, I can always take the class later.

    too intimate?? nah…otherwise we wouldn’t be even thinking about it =P

  4. hehhe goooo… dancing!!

  5. You should have gone anyway.. You can learn by watching right?? Latin dancing is pimpin.. like I am sure I previously told you.. we will see how good you are at that when you get here Or I go there and you show me…I wont hurt you to bad!! 😉 ohhh and are you using blog explosion now??? interesting… me too!!! and even when I dont do the surfing I am still getting about 150 hits a day.. odd hmm?? Miss ya babe.. hope to talk to you soon!

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