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What a week…

What an awesome week it has been, mostly because of the Hillsong conference night rallies. The first night I went we were a little late, so we only managed to get into the overflow, which meant we had to watch the proceedings on a big screen rather than live. The next night was better, we managed to get in and see it all live. We saw Cece Winans lead us in a time of worship – it was really good, except it would have been better if we knew her songs.

On Wednesday night Seven Hills homecell (bible study group) had Chocolacicous Night. We played games, ate chocolate, trivia, ate more chocolate, more games and more chocolate. It was great, and I even got myself a CD, which was really cool.

On Thursday night it was Hillsong again, and this time there was a few more of my friends there. It was soo amazing, praising and worshipping God with Michael W Smith leading us. Sometimes I tend to be more conservative when praising and worshipping God. That night was totally the opposite, I was jumping up and down, singing my heart out until I started to lose my voice. Nevertheless with some water I was back at it. Maybe it was just the atmosphere that made me be able to do that, but that’s what I want to do. To be able to praise and worship God without having to think about what others might think. That is the start of true worship.

On Friday I would’ve liked to go to Hillsong again, but work mates had a dinner to say goodbye to our former manager. Even though I don’t know him that much, it was nice to socialize with the group. I kinda regret not having tried at least 1 cocktail (since they were half-price), oh well maybe next time.

To cap it off I got to work today which was great, because I’ve spent quite a bit this week, on CD’s, books, food, petrol, etc. So at least I’ll be getting some extra money next time I get paid. You know what, the sowing principle does work, I actually gave up one of my shifts next week for a friend who forgot to put in his availabilities and I ended up getting the saturday shift as well. Also just recently another one offered me their shift for next week (on a different day). So in giving up one day’s work, I got back 150% as much (1 and a 1/2 days).

How awesome is God!!! Praise God, forever and ever!!

Current Mood: jubilant

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