Tim Tam + Milk = YummY

A friend of mine told me this neat trick.

Get Tim Tams and some milk. What you need to do is bite the ends of the Tim Tam, and use it like a straw to drink the milk. It’s very cool. As you drink the milk the chocolate in the Tim Tam will slowly melt and get softer.

Try it yourself!

Current Mood: amused

3 Responses

  1. Honey.. Victor.. what the hell is a tim tam?? you have to understand love that us american idiots have no idea what you are talking about!!

  2. tim tams are the best!! can’t leave australia without eating them..

    though butter biscuits are really nice too..

    yummm food!!

  3. Hi Louisa =D yes they’re good aye, did you know there’s even chilli flavoured ones??

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