Church choir

Well we got put into our vocal groups today. I was in the baritone group, so that’s like the mid-range for the males. Not too low and not too high, it’s juust right =P
We had our first practice run as a 3 piece choir and it was awesome! No Amanda it didn’t rain =)
Praise God for that, even though we’re doing pretty well, we have only just begun, and there is still plenty to practice and learn.

Exams are closing in on me … nooo!! it only felt like a few days ago that I still had 3 weeks, but now the gap has closed to 3 days!! No more slacking off now …

All the best! for all you people that still have exams and for those who don’t … you don’t need to rub it in -_-”

Current Mood: busy

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  1. It did rain today! hahahah 😛 jk!

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