Was planning on doing some work at uni today, but ended up bludging all day at work (not surprisingly). I never get anything done in there. I better get this assignment done before I get in trouble, my lecturer’s already given way too much of an extension.

All day I was feeling pretty ok, and just when I’m about to do some serious work, I get a headache…great…now it’s time to sleep =P

Current Mood: worried

3 Responses

  1. hey now Hey now.. no sleeping on the job mister!! wake up and get that shit done!

  2. hi am an eblogger too…just wondering how i can set up a chatterbox too and put in links and everything…if you have code for that which you can send to me..that would be awesome…love your blog, and i love sydney too…i studied there for a year in the american intl school and now im in the US. thanks!

  3. chatterbox is from

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