Strange dreams

been getting them lately. 2 nights ago I had a dream that this girl (who I don’t personally know) calls me up out of nowhere. Then I had a dream that I was leaving to go somewhere, me and one of my friends (who also happens to be a work mate) started this game where we call each other bad things and then eventually cried and hugged…because I was leaving…strange because that’s not like me…I don’t think…

Last night I had another dream where another friend of mine doing a similar course asked me to play something, and he showed me this thing that could “cleanse” you (rectally)…weird…because the thing is you’re meant to lie down (without clothes of course) with legs apart and hold this thing that looks like a hose…I still don’t get it…

Do these things mean anything? we’ll just have to see….


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  1. LOL!

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